Naturalness: Something we all are missing

Let’s talk about the natural world we all live in. Really? the word ‘natural’ may not favor the world as of today. It seems to us like we live in natural reality but we really are living in a fake reality. So why is it? any idea?

We people, we all own our fake ego of living in a natural reality which is ‘fake’ indeed. We all live in a society/community, let’s call it the so-called “society“. Let’s look at the definition of the word “Community” from the Oxford English Dictionary,’ Community: A group of people living together in the same place, having particular characteristics in common’. Does this definition really define us, reflect us?

Let’s see the first part, living together in the same place, do you actually think that we live together. Most of us even don’t know the name of the person living next to our door and we say we live in a community, which can be a more word of tragic than this. This is all because we are too busy in life making money, building a career that we even have no time to know the person next to us, and damn care who we really live with.

The only thing most of the person is interested in: how much the next doorman/woman earns, how much he/she has achieved, how many houses he/she has but have less attention to how much humanity he/she possesses, how he/she treats others and her/her(self) but love spending most of the time backbiting about other without really even trying to know him/her. And those type of characters has a profound feeling to say that, they are living in the so-called “Society” and have to fear over losing their so-called “Reputation” which they think they have to possess this kind of character.

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So, that’s what the topic is up to, “The naturalness we are missing“.Let me take us back to our childhood and observe the characteristics we naturally possessed. See, we loved playing, we loved sleeping, had no fear of losing reputation, in a single quote, we used to live life to the fullest fearlessly. Remember this used to come to us naturally, but as we grew up here in the society, we totally lost control of it and were forced to lock it up somewhere inside us. Let’s see us now, so much tensed, lost our self-esteem, always looking for an excuse to be happy, too much damn serious and tired of life, do you think we naturally got into it? We feel tired working 4 hours and 5 hours a day, back then as a child we used to play even a whole day without really having the feeling of tiredness, so haven’t we lost control of our lives, let’s ask ourselves.

Lets again get back to childhood when we had no trouble sleeping, used to sleep anywhere peacefully, on the floor, in the bed, on your own house, aunt’s house, friend’s house wherever we felt comfortable. Look at us now, we feed 100 thinkings to our brain even before the time of sleep, is it easy for us to sleep, The big answer “NO”, we watch TVs, use a mobile phone, tablets, PCs for hours and hours before sleep just for an excuse to make us feel sleepy, which had to come naturally. It’s very difficult for us to sleep in some other’s houses,i.e. friends, relatives and all, why? cause we have lost our inner child, the naturalness in us, and created our own fake realities.

We have focused more on protecting our so-called ‘reputation’. Let’s take an example, If we are with someone stranger, both waiting for the bus at the same stop, we mostly refuse to talk to each other, cause we have the fake conception of losing the respect of fear of losing reputation and the same statement goes to the next stranger. We feel awkward to talk to the next person sitting as he is a stranger, why? because we have been fed in our mind from our childhood that talking to a stranger is something bad, you may lose respect and all, we, in conclusion, grows a fear in our brain not to talk to. So, we choose to stay, keep quiet and stiff like a statue, however, excited and happy we are, even if we want to talk to them. Remember this is not our natural state but a faked one.

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Let’s see the same scenario in a child if a child sees someone other stranger waiting for the same bus in the stop, he runs towards the strangers talk to him/her fully, get excited, have fun and even make friends with the stranger before the bus arrives. So, let’s observe both scenario and here the only thing the child possess different than us is his belief and ours, let’s say the belief we are fed. This point discloses to us that fake reality we really live in. We are fed in our from our childhood to live differently act differently but not in the natural manner that occurs within us.

We are made to believe the fake reality to be the real one. We, as a parent are more conscious in making our child more clever and forward that if our child shows or uses his/her cleverness even in a wrong way to earn money, build the career, we feel proud to announce him/her as my “child has become matured” to other. We do like to live in a fake world and are proud to make our child a member of it. So, let us think and decide ourselves that we want to live our life like a child naturally, act naturally or fake to be a so-called ‘Matured’, living unconsciously, the choice is ours.

Lets together bring back our inner child which we had locked inside a long time ago due to some temporary beliefs we had for us, back to this world, so we can live life to the fullest.”LEARN TO LIVE LIKE A CHILD“, so you can live your life playfully and with your full potential fearlessly. Go on!!!