What is the true meaning of education?

Have you ever thought about why we are being educated, why you are learning history, geography, science, and what else? Have you ever thought about why you go to schools and colleges? What is this so-called education all about? Our parents send us here because they themselves have passed a certain examination and taken a certain degree to get a job or they too are following what their parents did. So, have you ever asked why you are here? Do the teachers know why they are there? Should we not find out what this struggle is all about-struggle to study, pass examinations, to get a job and the list goes so on. Should our teachers not help us to inquire into all this, but not only merely prepare us to pass examinations?


Boys pass the examination to get a job and earn a livelihood. Do you think that passing examination is going to make us understand the whole significance of life? Some people are very clever to pass examinations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are intelligent. Many boys study merely to get a job, and that becomes their whole aim of life unknowingly, after the job they get married, they have children, but still live a life of misery and life becomes a constant battle till they die.

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What’s the case for girls?

In the case of girls, their parents are concerned about getting them married. And, at the conclusion, all of us are concerned about what people may say if we do this/that. So, do you think we are aware of how time goes on? Should we not find out what is the meaning of education, why should we be educated, what is the real meaning of it? Education is something that shall set us free from all fears and failures of life but not keep us caged and compress our thinking.


Education doesn’t mean being able to read and pass an examination. It depends on cultivating intelligence, finding the true art of living. By education, I don’t mean to be cunning or trying to be clever in order to outdo somebody else. The number one barrier for one to become intelligent is “Fear” so we should be aware of the causes of fear so we can live from childhood or young free from fear. Most of us are afraid all the time. We may not have thought about it but almost everybody in this world from grown-ups to children has some kind of fear growing at their heart.

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Therefore, education is what should be responsible to free us from fear. In school, the teacher must be free of fear to teach their students. What is the good of teachers talking about fearlessness if they are themselves afraid of what neighbors may say, afraid of wives, husbands?

In matters of this kind, we need teachers who are intelligent, intelligent in the right sense, not just in the sense of having passed BA, BBA, MBA, etc. If we can arrange to have a period in our schools and colleges to talk about these matters with our teachers, we could make a big step in knowing thyself. So, learn to find the real meaning of education, the education which teaches us to be alert, to question, to find out the truth, so that our own initiative may be awakened, rather than just get us a degree or job.

“Education shall set us free us from fear not get us caged inside fear.”