How to stay focused on your Goal

Goal! this is one of the trending topics that has made a separate room in our mind these days. Each and every one of us has planted different goals in our lives, being healthy, earning more money, being a doctor and you name it. But does that mean that we will actually be able to reach that goal? Absolutely not! And why is that? It’s because we cannot remain aligned with our goals or often lose our focus.

First on, we should stick a very important thing in our heads which is to ask ourselves one question honestly without any barrier, i.e.

“Is the Goal I have made up for myself really coming out of me or from external pressures?”

You should absolutely be clear about the answer to this as most of us believe that our goals are actually coming out from us while it is, in fact, coming out of the external circumstances in our lives instead of our inner being.

We see an actor becoming rich and famous and we run for it. Our parents tell us to be a doctor or an engineer, and thus we make an image of it. In this way, society pressurizes us to think differently and live differently. This way, we believe that our goals are coming out of us but in fact, it actually comes out of the fake external factors mostly. And the sad part is that we, ourselves become unknown about it.

Therefore, at first, always ask yourself if your goal is actually coming out of you or someone else has planted it up in you.

And in case, if someone else has grown it on you, the chances are very low that you will be happy even after achieving it. Therefore, first note down the goal that you have actually made out for yourself disregards the opinions of the others. And always remember, if you have set out your goal by yourself, you will have a less chance of demotivation. If your goals are coming out of your inner out, you won’t require any kind of external motivation to run for it. 

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Next, ask yourself the second question: “Am I ready to do the works and sacrifices that I need to do to reach my goal?” Well, if you are not, then you might have set the wrong goal. Maybe you are more allured towards the results and appreciation you will receive after you reach the goal instead of the patience and sacrifices required for it. Remember, Thomas Edison tried 1000 experiments before he could finally invent the Light Bulb.

If you have a positive response towards the 2nd question, then finally ask yourself the third question. Answer it honestly from the core of your heart. “Can you do the works that are required to reach your goal for Free?” Yeah, I definitely mean it. Leave the thought aside if you will be actually able to make money from your goal or not. Just imagine that can you actually be able to do the works for free even if you don’t get paid for it? Well, why am I asking this question? Its because sometimes we unknowingly set our goals visioning end goal as money.


And if your goal has any financial concern attached to it, you probably will have less focus on it. In this case, you will be much likely as an animal enclosed inside the cage for the greed of bait. Take the greed here as the money factor which most of us run blindly after.

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To conclude the topic: Firstly ask yourself these 3 significant questions and honestly answer it. Only by then, you’ll know if you have set the right goal. Your goal must be something that also adds value to someone else’s lives, be it a single person. It shouldn’t just come out of your selfish motive. And as it’s always said, Happiness overpowers when Shared’.

Once you have made the right goal in life, you don’t require any external motivation in life. In fact, you will yourself be a fire filled with motivation who will ignite the lives of the others.