5-morning habits that will boost you throughout the day

Let’s talk about all of our busy days in which we have no much time to follow up on our daily healthy habits. Most of the time we remain lazy and inactive but do less focus on what’s making us feel so. Today I’m talking about some of the daily morning rituals we should follow to make our day go active and feel more focused and energetic throughout the day. Here I have pointed out some of the daily morning habits/routines we should follow:

1. Make your bed by yourself  

making bed
Making Bed

This is one of the easiest yet difficult habit for most of us out here. When facing big tasks in our life, we often give fewer priorities to the small ones. When you are facing big tasks in your life, the little details are the most important ones. So make a habit of making up your bed by yourself as soon as you wake up, before accomplishing the big tasks.

2. Drink 1-2 glasses of water 

drinking water
Drink Water

Drinking water early in the morning is immensely good for our skin and body health. As we have lots of toxins in our body pushed in throughout the day, what drinking water does is it flushes out all the toxins in our body and help to remove the risk of many diseases.

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It’s also a secret behind our glowing skin as it removes the unnecessary toxins in our blood too. So guys get ready to grab up a glass of water as you open those sleepy eyes.

 3. Exercise 

regular exercise
Regular Exercise

 Most of us know the benefit of exercise but we keep it under a  less priority. By exercise, it doesn’t mean that one should be hitting on the gym, carry large dumbbells, or do any sort of heavy workouts. It just means we should develop a habit of doing any kind of physical workout, even stretching is one of a kind. Walking around a park, running, or any form of physical exercise that stretches your muscles and tightens you up. What it does is remove the lazy animal in you and boost you up throughout the day so you can achieve a higher level of productivity.

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 4. Wake up early

wake up early
Waking up early

Not all the early wakers are the most successful people in the world but what the habit of waking up early does is make you active and have sufficient time to follow your morning rituals,i.e do exercise or bath or even have a cup of coffee and more. Waking up early helps you have more time to invest in yourself and make your day worthwhile and boost your productivity.

 5. Don’t use your cell phone for at least an hour

grabbing cellphone
Grabbing Cellphone as soon as waking up

We all have grown a bad habit of checking our cellphones as soon as we open our eyes. Technology has been our first priority list than our health. As soon as we wake up we check emails, texts, watch social media feeds, watch videos, surf the internet, and waste our valuable time is unknown. This wrong habit leads to draining our concentration level, thus resulting in having a boring and inactive day.

Research suggests that getting constant notifications can trigger stress. For example, In a survey of nearly 2000 workers in the UK’s work center, it was found that constant email notifications are linked to a higher level of anxiety. In other analysis at the University of British Columbia, researchers asked 124 students and professors to check their phones frequently after waking up throughout the day for one week and the other week, they were only allowed to check only 2-3 times a week and disable all the notifications. Guess what? when the time to look at cellphones were restricted, the participants reported lower stress levels and higher feelings of positivity. So guys know what’s draining up your energy and save it for your beautiful day.

So, these are some of the easy and effective morning rituals one should follow to boost himself/herself up and be productive throughout the day. As I always say “THERE IS NEVER A RIGHT TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING.”